Welcome to your DREAM Holiday!

Relax, Dream, Explore and Experience

What is my dream holiday? What do I want to see? What to experience? Will I come back relaxed and rejuvenated, or more tired than ever? How much time and money do I have? How on earth can I fit it all in!

So many people regard the goal of their holidays as seeing as many historical monuments as possible, be it the Colosseum in Rome or a famous war site. This is understandable, especially if the opportunity for an international holiday won’t happen that often and is a unique occasion.

By the same token though, combining sightseeing with the opportunity to fully relax and soak up the beauty of the particular environment is extremely valuable and good for both body and soul. In so many foreign places, culture is so thickly strewn around that one does not have to travel many miles to see and experience unique sites, monuments and history all within one reasonably small radius.

So, careful planning of your program, preferences and budget is paramount. Here is the start, by researching the where, when and how. You will find a host of holiday planning resources, service providers, tools and useful links. Enjoy the stories, sights and accounts from the comfort of your desktop. After all, the getting there is half the fun!