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Australia Archive

  • Northern Territory

    Northern Territory

    Northern Territory is one of two federal main land territories of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is located in the far North of the continent and is bordered in the North by the Timor and Arafura Seas and by the Gulf of Carpentaria. To the East it borders Queensland, to the South with South Australia […]

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  • Western Australia

    Western Australia

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  • South Australia

    South Australia

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  • Tasmania


    Tasmania is an island State of Australia, in the far South East and some 250 km away from the main land. It is the 26th largest island in the world but with total population of not more than half a million. It got separated from the mainland “only” some 10,000 years ago and is now […]

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  • Victoria


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  • New South Wales & ACT

    New South Wales & ACT

    New South Wales (NSW) is located on the South East of the Australian continent. It is a constitutional State of the Commonwealth of Australia and is the most densely populated. On the South it borders on Victoria, on the West with South Australia and in the North with Queensland. The Tasman Sea is on the […]

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  • Queensland


    Queensland is the second largest state of Australia. It is in the North East of the continent and bordered by the Northern Territory, South Australia and in the South by New South Wales. On the East by the Coral Sea and further North by the Pacific Ocean. The South East is densely populated compared with […]

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