Mexico, officially the United Mexican States is a North American country. It is in the far south of the northern part of the American Continent. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the West and the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico in the East. In the South it shares its border with Belize (Honduras) and Guatemala and in the North with the USA.

Diego Rivera's mural depicting Mexico's history at the National Palace in Mexico City

Mexico has a population of more than 110 million people and belongs to the more populous countries of the world. The language is Spanish and there is no other place in the world where Spanish is so much used and spoken as its main language (most populous Hispanophone).

It is a Federation of 31 States, and one as capital territory.

Mexico is a country of extremes. Its average standard of living is fairly high. It has an emerging economy and on a world scale a better than average GDP. Its economy depends for a large part on direct trading results from the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Hacienda de San Antonio is one of the most beautiful hotels in mexico

 Tourism plays a very large part in supporting the country’s economic prosperity.

More than 20 million people visit Mexico each year and it would be one of the most popular international tourist destinations.

Mayan ruins of Palenque


In a large country like Mexico the climate varies from temperate to virtually tropical. Large parts of the population live in and around cities located in relatively high valleys and plateaux with a fairly moderate climate. The desert areas are hot and dry.

Coastal skyline of Cancún

Mexico is divided by a couple of mountain ranges as an extension of the Rocky Mountains from its northern neighbour and from East to West by a large mountain belt known as the Sierra Nevada or the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt. Often with whole mountain ranges running straight down to the ocean’s edge and lush tropical jungles and high snow capped volcanoes.

Popocatépetl volcano may be seen Mexico City


Mexico’s tourism is one of the largest in the world. Ancient ruins, antiquity and its distinctive culture based on the unique mixture of the original population with a

Hotel Casa de Sierra, Miguel di Allendi

strong European (mainly Spanish) influence are huge drawcards for tourism. Also Mexico is renowned for its famous beaches and coastline resorts.

The country is full of extreme contrasts like the bright and striking colours woven into garments, to the stunning patchwork of colours of its landscape. Passed-on traditions both from the Spanish influence as from its original people are strongly noticeable and resounding in music and arts.

 It may be found back in the Mexican people who are full of life and charm and seem

Mexican street flamenco

to be forever wanting to express this in their way of life and music.

Formal Flamenco Performance

 The country is so rich in cultural resources and a long historic tradition! Together with its beautiful beaches and its mainly stable and pleasant climate, makes this an ideal place for a thoroughly good holiday.

Archaeology and prehispanic cultures, colonial cities and architecture, beaches, wellness resorts and recreational centres and its natural inland riches all add up to make Mexico both a very interesting and attractive tourism destination.

Cabo San Lucas, Hacienda Del Mar Resort


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