Malaysia is located in South East Asia

Malaysia is a monarchy with a federal democratically chosen government.  As a matter of interest it is one of the very few countries left with also a chosen monarch.

Kuala Lumpur

Putrajaya is the seat of government while Kuala Lumpur is the capital city. The country is divided into two distinct parts separated by the South China Sea. Peninsular Malaysia borders on to Thailand in the North and on to Singapore in the South. In the West it is the Strait of Malacca that separates it from Indonesian Sumatra. East Malaysia is on the island of Borneo and as such has its border with Indonesia. It also shares its border with the Sultanate of Brunei. Malaysia has a population of 28 million people and Kuala Lumpur is its largest city.

Langkawi - Dreamingly beautiful

Malaysia’s climate is equatorial tropical including a pronounced monsoon season. Although the two parts of Malaysia are separated by a truly open sea, they share a similar, often mountainous landscape with dense forests and coastal plains.

Four Season Hotel evening relaxation

Historically Malaysia is a centre for international trade. It also has developed an impressive manufacturing industry. Its importance as tourism destination contributes greatly to its economy.

Hiking - Endau Rompin Johor

Tourism and its typical attractions are various. It includes beautiful beaches and resorts, sailing, diving, spa, health and wellness.

Central Market - Kelantan

Other activities are visiting the produce markets and bazaars. Not to forget the many opportunities for forest walks, hiking and bird watching. Malaysia is also famous for its theme parks.

Genting Highlands -Theme Park

Malaysia is an example of how people of different religions and races can live together, organised and peacefully. This also resulted in a huge cultural diversity, be it by just living together in a good social relationship, be it the many different beliefs openly and freely professed, be it in the especially historical and often glorious architecture, but also as experienced in modern and advanced designs.

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