Italy (Repubblica Italiana) is located in the Southern Part of Europe, for the larger part on the European continental shelf with Sicily and Sardinia, two of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

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There are two independent enclaves[1] within the Italian Peninsula, the best known the Vatican City (within the City of Rome) and also San Marino in the Apennines, one of Europe’s six micro-states[2]. Italy itself has an enclave within the borders of Switzerland, Campione d’Italia,.

Italy’s Northern Alpine boundary is shared with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.
Its distinctive “boot” shape protrudes into the Mediterranean with on the West side the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the East the Adriatic Sea.

Ravello Almalfi Coast - Italy

Italy has been the cradle of European cultures and peoples.

Doges Palace - Venice

As capital of the original Roman Empire, Rome has been the political center of Western civilisation for many centuries.

Italy has more than 60 million inhabitants. It is a highly developed country and its population enjoys a high standard

of living. It takes a place among the world ten highest GDP countries. It is within the Euro Zone a member of the European Union. It is both very tourist oriented and highly industrialized.

It is a typical example of where its people strive to enjoy life to its fullest. It is well known and distinctly noticeable for its quality family life and enjoyment of togetherness.

Dolomites – South Tyrol Italy

Large parts of the community and businesses still “practice” siesta time (a rest time after lunch) and one should expect many shops, museums and the like being closed for a couple of hours at midday.

Italy has the world’s highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Although Italy’s climate is rather diverse, in large parts it still may be rated as typical Mediterranean. Nevertheless, winters in many parts may be rather cold and especially in the many mountainous areas this may result in heavy snow falls.

Ponte Vecchio – Florence Italy

Italian is the common language but in a large part of Northern Italy German is spoken as either a first or second language. Like in many other developed European countries it is not unusual that English is reasonably well understood and spoken among the business and tourist communities.

Italy is the fifth most visited tourist country in the world. It has a huge diversity of historical sites, antiquity, medieval cities and cultures and an enormous variety of beaches, country sites, scenic and romantic lakes and the most beautiful mountainous areas.

Rhaetin Railway – Italy/Switzerland

Italian cities are living museums. There is so much art to be seen that a traveler will have trouble in making a choice. Best is to concentrate on one area for one’s art interests and combine with another area of great nature beauty to relax and enjoy. All this is possible within the borders of Italy.

An unique way and great experience is combining mountain hiking with overnight stays using the extensive network of mountain-hut accommodations.

“Rifiugi e Bivacchi” is a fantastic site listing most of the huts and refuges in Italy, with lots of photographs and maps.

Stettiner Hütte - Texelgruppe -Suedtirol It









[1] An independent country or part thereof lying wholly within the boundaries of another.
[2] A microstate is a sovereign state having a very small population or very little land area,often both.

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