Air Travel

Flight selection and even bookings can be done quite easily on the internet nowadays, or can be organised and packaged in the complete holiday by your travel agent.

There are several well organised websites providing these services like Expedia, Amadeus, Webjet, Ziji, Kajak and many others. Also going to the airline’s web-sites direct, is often worthwhile especially for special deals in the offering. AirFrance, KLM, Lufthansa, Qantas, Virgin, British Airways, Malaysian Airways, Singapore Airway, Delta and Continental, Korean and Japan Airways and many more.

Some conditions of flying are often not widely known or published. Worthwhile checking though. A typical example is, that it is not uncommon to claim complimentary hotel-accommodation when flying with the same airline (or “coed-shared”), often resulting in a prolonged waiting time at a flight stop(sometimes 7 hours or more). Really worthwhile checking this!

Doing one’s home work on the internet in addition to your travel agent’s advice can often pay off. It is one way of becoming aware of what is available and  to check if pricing is competitive. Also various national auto-clubs may have very good travel-desks and often offer the full range of flights and specials.

Frequent Flyer Programmes.

Frequent flyers may benefit greatly from flying within the same airline system. A frequent flyer programme (FFP) is a loyalty program offered by many airlines. Typically, airline customers enrolled in such a program accumulate frequent flyer miles (kilometers, points, segments) corresponding to the distance flown on that airline or its partners. Acquired miles can be redeemed for free air travel or for other related goods or services.
Many airlines are part of one of the half a dozen large collective airline systems. For the associated airlines and their passengers there are many benefits like code-sharing and shared long distance routes. For the actual passengers flying as a members it means that as long as they stay within the same group they can cross-use the benefits available. It pays to become a member of one of those programmes and as much as possible fly with any of the various associated airlines within the group and its partners.

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