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Travel money

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In most countries credit and debit cards of one of the major international card systems are accepted. The same applies to bank cards with the “Maestro” marking. Although travelling with a credit or debit card is extremely convenient, in many countries it is not a common form of payment system with many retailers and a limited amount of cash should be carried to cope with that. Cash-less travelling though has become a common and safe practice. Make certain that you have a pin-number for your cards in order to draw cash from local ATM machines.
With the convenience and security of international cards, for many destinations travel cheques have become less common.

Travel Insurance.
Proper Travel Insurance is an absolute must. But shop around for the best deal you can make. Places to approach may be your local automobile club, private health insurers, travel offices or your local insurance agent or your general insurance company with which you have other insurances already like household and the like. But compare and make certain you compare apples with apples!

Often it is possible to buy a “partner or a family” insurance. If you expect to travel a number of times in one given year an “executive” insurance policy may well be the answer and could be far more economical.

Travel insurance may not only include but also exclude many things. When comparing different quotations, watch for that! Also make certain that your policy includes proper health insurance. In many cases your local health insurance does not or in-adequately cover you when travelling. The base price of your insurance depends very much on the countries you will visit. Check that! A typical example is for travelling to the USA for which travel insurance is a lot more expensive.

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