Vaccinations & Safety Precautions

Medical Precautions

Travelling to or through some countries will more often than not require special medical pre-cautions,

like vaccinations and tablets. Seek local medical expert advice in your home country. There are often specialised services who keep up to date with what is required for which region, don’t take advice from any amateurs.

Food and Drink

Other matter to consider include food, water and local customs.

No matter where you are from, your digestive system may not cope with the local conditions, and caution is advised in consuming certain foods or drinks outside of your home environment. Again, take expert advice seriously.

Local Customs

Local customs may demand certain standards of behavior or dress codes which can land you in a world of trouble. Honor local traditions tobe on the safe side.


Travelers are easy targets for criminals, ranging from the simple pick-pocket to drug smugglers. Be vigilant about your luggage and possession, not leaving them out of your sight at any time during transit. Don’t carry other people’s items for them, no matter how well you know them. If you can help it don’t travel alone, or at least update someone dependable about your whereabouts.

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