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The Kingdom of Spain (Reino de España) covers the larger part of the Iberian Peninsula which is the mainland in the far South of the European continent. It is a monarchy and a democratically governed country with a population of over 46 million.

It is part of the European Union. Spain has very high living standards. Its currency is the Euro.

Spain - El Escoral, historical royal palace, North of Madrid

To both the south and the east it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea except  for the small British owned territory of Gibraltar; on the west side by Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean and to the north by the Bay of Biscay and France and the enclave of Andorra.
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Spain - Ibiza, Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands of the East coast with Majorca and Ibiza is a much loved tourist destination. So are the Canary Islands of the African Coast in the Atlantic Ocean which are one of the better known non-European parts of Spain. Spain is the second largest country in Europe.

Flamenco Sevilla

Spanish is the official language with a number of regionally recognized local languages. Due to Spain’s historical global emporium size it had a large influence in many areas around the world. Even today Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.

Aqueduct of Segovia

Inland Spain mainly consists of high plateaus and some mountain ranges of which the Sierra Nevada is best known. In the North it shares the Pyrenees mountain range with France.

Spain’s climate is rather diverse with a typical oceanic climate in the north near the Gulf of Biscay; most of the country side is Mediterranean. Also the East coast is largely Mediterranean with some areas truly sub-tropical. Also the Canary Islands are sub-tropical.

In Spain the influence of some distinct “foreign” cultures is very noticeable both in lay-out

Alhambra, Granada

and architecture. Typical physical and cultural influence is also noticeable in the actual population.
The East Mediterranean Coast was historically heavily influenced by the Romans. The Moorish Muslims coming from the African continent have left a strong presence in large parts of the country again both architecturally and culturally.

Tourism in Spain is one of the largest sources of income. Agriculture and wines are important. Spain knows an almost continuous

Sagradafamilica, Barcelona

property boom not only to accommodate the huge influx of tourists but also due to many from outside Spain buying houses and apartments as investments or permanent residence.

With its rich and variable historically influenced culture and architecture, its culturally diverse heritage to be found everywhere and its wonderful climate and stunning beaches, Spain is a huge attraction for tourists. The extensive European freeway system, cheap airlines and the high-speed Euro-Rail makes it easy for tourists to reach most popular Spanish tourism areas easily and encourages and promotes coming to Spain.

Sardinero beach - Cantabria

Major cities like Barcelona and Madrid and others draw as many tourists as Spain’s often unique country side and famous beaches.


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