New South Wales & ACT

Sydney's Northern Beaches

New South Wales (NSW) is located on the South East of the Australian continent. It is a constitutional State of the Commonwealth of Australia and is the most densely populated. On the South it borders on Victoria, on the West with South Australia and in the North with Queensland. The Tasman Sea is on the East.

The Australian Capital Territory and the Jervis Bay Territory are Federal enclaves of New South Wales. The ACT has Canberra at its centre which is the seat of the Australian Federal Government. Close by and on the coast is the Jervis Bay Territory (Federal Government) which gives Canberra a “link” to the sea.

Almost 65% of the population of New South Wales lives in greater Sydney, the capital city of NSW.

Old and New Parliament House, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Tourism is important to NSW and in particular to of course Sydney as its centre. Like most Australian states also NSW has wonderful beaches. Further north and benefitting from its closeness to South East Queensland’s tourist attraction is Byron Bay. Also a place like Coffs Harbour (it is said having the most livable climate in Australia) is famous for its dozens of “unspoiled” beaches.

Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains as the word says, are famous for their winter sport opportunities and it is said that in good times more snow falls there than in the whole of Switzerland.

In the centre and continuing from Northern Victoria and reaching far into Queensland, is the Great Dividing Range. NSW is heavily forested and it is famous for its trees like the Red Gum and the Crow Ash.

Jamison Valley, Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a fascinating mountain area East of Sydney, heavilyforested and with many deep gorges. It is very popular with both Sydneysiders giving them an opportunity to enjoy nature within a reasonable travelling distance and for other tourism. Its blue haze giving the area its name is said to be caused by the numerous and specific Gum Trees growing there.

The more flat plains to the West behind the Great Dividing Range mainly carry agriculture. A part has been included in an artificial and wide spread irrigation system. It said that the Riverina produces more rice per given area than any other place in the world.

Hunter Valley Wineries

The Hunter Valley is known for its wineries and the fine wines coming from there and exported worldwide.


Sydney as the capital of New South Wales is in population terms with 4.5 million people, the largest city in Australia. It is widely known and recognised as an international centre for commerce, arts, fashion, culture, entertainment, music, education and certainly for tourism.

Sydney's Central Business District

Port Jackson or more commonly known as Sydney Harbour, is the largest natural harbor and often quoted as being the most beautiful natural port in the world.

Famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour Brisge

Sydney has a huge attraction for tourists. Among some of the well known monuments and attractions are Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Sydney’s CBD including its parks, Sydney Harbour itself and not to forget its ferries, Circular Quay a central point for its famous ferries and tourism related shipping, its piers and warehouses restored to include restaurants and hotels and like attractions. And certainly not to forget Sydney shores which are so famous for its beautiful beaches.

Sydney's Bondi Beach is right adjacent to the city

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