When to go

What is the best time to travel and holiday?  There is a lot of personal taste involved here.  Also family or work circumstances play an important role, as well as your budget. Seasonal factors have a great impact on almost all aspects of holiday costs.

The Colours of a Canadian Autumn

Accommodation, Airfares, Tours, and local tourism facilities. Even the shops can vary their prices in high tourism dependent destinations.

On the other hand for many people, going on an (international) holiday, is a unique happening and often a rather expensive undertaking.

At least let’s try to select a time which is best to experience to the fullest the type of holiday being planned.
And for a large part that refers to the climate and weather conditions that may be expected.

Also the type of holiday one wants does influence the preferred time to go.
Is it going to be a world-trip, or are we just going to one country or for that matter a few countries clustered together?
Are we going just to visit one city or for a special event Or are we going to make a sea cruise?
Whatever destination choice we make, at least let’s try to pick the best weather for where we are going and what we intend to do.

Crowded beach at high summer, Weymouth, UK

Some areas have very distinct seasons and related weather conditions. Picking the wrong season or even the wrong month may be very regrettable.

Note that especially the longer trips may pass through varying climate and weather conditions.

Dutch Tulip Fields in May

Don’t just go without giving this first your full attention:

Many countries have a tourist or visitors web-site. In most cases it will have an indication of weather, rain and temperature data.
Spain’s Tourism Website:  It has a subheading “Practical Advice” with “Climate”.
Other country sites have similar advice under different headings. But do check. It is best to go to the country or city sites direct rather than to a general information site.

Don’t go looking for tulip fields in the Netherlands in November or make a camping trip from New York to Vancouver in December.

At the same time your choice of “when to go” is wider if one is only going for the interest in one city. Paris is a good example. But even there, if one has a choice, August may be too warm and November too cold.

You don't need mountains to enjoy the snow

So local climate conditions and weather are a very important part of our travel and holiday planning. And most of this information may be found on the internet.

There are several other reasons for selecting the “right time” to go:

Most airlines follow the seasons of destination. When for instance you fly to the summer the prices may be considerably more. “High, Low and Shoulder Seasons”.
But airlines also adjust their prices depending on festive seasons, like Christmas time. By for instance going a month earlier one may avoid that.

If at all possible try avoiding different time-of-the year weather conditions when doing a trip spanning a large number of different countries or even continents. Before you know it you have to carry clothing for cold and warmer weather.

So it is all in the planning. When you have done your wish list of places and countries to be visited, check the weather and the prices of your airline tickets. And if at all possible, adjust your planning accordingly.