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Having the right and most suitable accommodation is a very important aspect of any holiday. It can make or break your holiday. What type of accommodation do you want and when and where?
What do you expect and what fits your budget? Accommodation can actually be a very important aspect of your holiday enjoyment.

Corfu - Marbella Beach

Biscayne National Park, Florida

Some people literally love camping. At the other end of the scale for many a holiday-goer staying in an excellent hotel with wonderful facilities is a very important part of the actual holiday experience. And then there is anything in between.

Some examples:

Vienna - Donnerbrunnen Fountain


Most likely the reason for going to Vienna is to enjoy the city, its monuments and history, and experience its culture to the fullest. If that is the main reason for going there, a simple and clean, practically situated “bed and breakfast” city hotel is perfect. Apart from having a place to sleep, the rest of the day is spent away from the hotel in order to make the fullest of your Vienna visit. Use the excellent underground and eat and drink at any of the excellent eateries for any budget.


Hotel Borgo Sant'Ippolito - Ginestra Tuscany IT


Going to Florence most likely will also include enjoying the surrounding countryside of the province of Florence and the Tuscany region. Rather than staying in the city why not consider settling oneself in one of the beautiful little country hotels or guesthouses (pensions) and make your day trips from there, including the city of Florence. It often is not only more enjoyable including the unique ambience to experience, but without any real sacrifice it definitely is far more economical.

Sailing Club Al Arenal - Mallorca

Going fishing or sailing, a well and practically situated camping on the lake-side may well be the most desired form of accommodation. Not only does it often fit the desired ambience, but it also relates to being among your fellow holiday goers who enjoy spending a unique time together on the water edge.

One of the gold-trimmed master bedrooms of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai

If one loves back-packing and wants to cover a fair distance, there are plenty of special hostels in for instance areas like the US and Europe who especially cater for this. Often the charm of back-packing is to not exactly sticking to a set itinerary and pre-determined route but joining ones fellow travellers or listening to their suggestions of where to go next. This may well be a combination of hostels, bed andbreakfasts, camping or sharing a room or house for a while.


Spinnaker dormitory Western Australia

Hotels - Bruge Belgium

There could be a wish or even a need to combine pleasure, rest and relaxation to its fullest, together with excellent accommodation.

lucca anfiteatro - Tuscany It

One of the many spa resorts could well be the answer to that. It has become a very popular form of getting maximum rest and relaxation and excellent facilities for a short or more prolonged stay are available all around nowadays.

There are many other examples and planning and sorting it out is often half the fun.

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Hotel Fürstenhaus - Pertisau Austria

Resort Chiva Som - Thailand